General Questions

Can I edit my personal information?
Do I have to pay to use Best2List.com?
I noticed something inappropriate on the site. What do I do?

Users can flag inappropriate content in order to draw our attention to it. Under each individual content that is added on the website, there is an image of a red flag . If you see content that is inappropriate, please click on the red flag and submit the Report Inappropriate Content form. Our staff will review your report and remove the content if it is indeed inappropriate.

Is the information on each business accurate?
What can I do on Best2List.com?
What does the "Verified" checkmark mean?
What is Best2List.com?
What is considered inappropriate content?
Where do you get your list of businesses and their information?
Why are there some results appearing as I type my search?
Why do some businesses have more information on their profiles than others?
Why isn't my search producing any results?