About Us

About Best2List.com

WWW.BEST2LIST.COM (BEST TO LIST) as the name suggests. It’s well planned, user friendly directory based on forever changing and flexible nature according to the demand of every country and any locality to provide best local directory and classified services and more.


One of the most important features of this platform is the Farsi language. You can practically reach Iranian (Farsi speakers) as well as other expatriates worldwide, which includes a niche target of more than 135,000,000 of which in excess of 60,000,000 are internet users.


The focus is on hard information, to help people visiting and living in Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Iran, Malaysia, UAE, UK, US, etcetera. Not speculation, editorializing or personal experiences that may be irrelevant.  Working from the best sources the WWW.BEST2LIST.COM  editorial team and its guest experts - all specialists in their field - are able to provide you with the authoritative information you need.

Local directory information available under many categories. Additional information including: news, weather, events, guides, etc.

Rated better than most of local directories and improving.

Rebuilding the local map by pin pointing all businesses, small, medium and large on the map to make it easier for the new comers to find and explore the businesses and service providers.


WWW.BEST2LIST.COM  is the internet directory of the world in Farsi, English, Greek and Russian and provides direct links to the community. You can easily find all the information you need about traveling, holidays and accommodation. Booking hotels, business and financial information, real estate, buy and sell property, entertainment and dining out, shopping guides, and any kind of services and other resources, fewer than hundreds of easy to browse categories.


What We Do

WWW.BEST2LIST.COM is an online media providing local business directory, classified advertising and information services in Farsi, English, Greek and Russian language. 

WWW.BEST2LIST.COM is for anyone who needs information or support on living in a region. Attention to its core brand values, clarity, reliability and relevance will make it an essential tool for this audience.

WWW.BEST2LIST.COM is here to make sure that we provide a clear, concise and detailed local reference library of information pages on the essential issues that an expatriate needs to understand local classified advertisements for private individuals and businesses, active and tightly-managed local discussions, allowing the community to share ideas, share support and exchange experiences.

A number of additional services including News, Weather and a comprehensive guide to what is happening in any locality are what we hope to provide for our users.   

WWW.BEST2LIST.COM has a range of high-value advertising products satisfying every business budget and objective. These are proven to be highly effective to the businesses serving our consumer group.