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The history of Old Port Center dates back to the 1890's. Captain Stylianos Moraris, our grandfather and founder, started fishing sponges throughout the Mediterranean Sea in his 25 meter boat. He was born and lived on the famous little island of Symi, near Rhodes.

Fishing sponges became a family tradition and was passed from father to son. After the second World War, Captain Stylianos's son, Gregoris, moved to Famagusta, Cyprus and continued harvesting sponges. The tradition was then passed to Gregoris's son, Andreas. In 1974, when he moved to Limassol, he expanded the company, building his own factory in the industrial area of town.

This is where the bleaching and packing of sea sponges and natural Loofah products takes place. Andreas has since added many other activities to the company, but the main field remained always the natural sea sponges and the natural loofah.

The natural sea sponges and Loofah products are the two products most exported throughout the European countries, where they are very popular thanks to their exceptional packaging and fine quality.

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